What makes us different?

We differentiate ourselves from our competition through the experience we deliver to customers. In our business, what matters is people helping other people through technology. Unlike some of our competitors we are not led by technology or processes. Customers and their needs and expectations lead us.

Supporting our customers
The support service and aftercare we provide to our customers is the cornerstone of our success. We believe we are already the best in our industry at offering customer service, but we want to offer an outstanding experience at every level. We recognise that smaller businesses have limited sources of advice and very often have no IT department. They look to Farsicom for advice on how to get the most out of their software to enable better business performance and for guidance on business critical topics such as accounting, employment legislation, maternity, payroll, financial reporting and more.

We believe we are not just a software supplier but a partner in our customers’ businesses helping them run their businesses more effectively and realise their ambitions. Our partnerships are built on the ongoing dialogue we have with our customers, the provision of high quality support and advice and the loyalty and trust that results from this. Our emphasis on support is backed up by the resources we put behind it.