Our Vision and Goals

While we are locally-focussed in serving our customers, we work together as one organisation towards one future. Our strategy sets out a clear vision supported by a set of goals towards which all of our operating companies around the world are working.

Our vision is to be the most admired and respected software provider in the world.

Our business will grow as we help our customers manage their businesses more efficiently. Our products will be easy to install, customise and maintain. The services and support provided by our people and our partners will help to take the complexity out of managing business processes. Our business model and the way in which we operate it will make it easy to deal with Farsicom.

Our goals

To be a leading supplier of business management software .

To continue to establish products and services that offer the most compelling fit with a customer’s country and industry.

To have the most satisfied and active customers in our industry.

To have the most trusted brands in our markets.

To foster a dynamic, vigorous and innovative business measured by our strong organic growth rate.

To be the most admired employer in our markets.