• Call Recording

    Record your calls for legal purposes, to help with customer service issues or to monitor the performance of employees. Call Recording is an affordable service which can be used by businesses of any size and from any business sector. As soon as the call is connected the complete conversation will be recorded and then converted in to sound files (mp3's) which can be emailed or downloaded.

  • Call Queuing

    If a destination is busy then Callers will hear a short Greeting Message informing them that they are in a call queuing system. Music and an apology message will be played until a destination becomes available, then the longest held Caller will be connected. Call Queuing can also work in conjunction with Time Based Routing, Voice to Email or any other Call Service.

  • Missed Call Alert

    No business should miss their inbound calls, but sometimes it happens. Not only can you lose out on important business opportunities and revenue, you may also frustrate and lose existing and potential customers. The IVR5 Missed Call Alert Service will send you an email within 15 seconds of your inbound number missing a call.

  • Voicemail to Email

    If your Number is Busy or Unanswered, your Callers will hear a Greeting Message and be asked to leave a voice message. The caller's message will be recorded and converted to a Sound File which is emailed to you. The Greeting Message can be updated or changed at any time, free of charge, by using the Dial-In Voice Recording platform

  • Time Based Routing

    You create time plans so that calls will be routed to certain destinations (can be single landline or mobile numbers or hunt groups and voice mail) according to the time of day/week/month or year. Calls can be routed to a main number between 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and then to a hunt group, mobile or voicemail outside of these hours.

  • Mid Call Transfer - Transfer your inbound calls to another destination

    If someone calls your number and you cannot help them, they will probably not appreciate hearing "Sorry, the person you need to speak to is in another office, please can you call them on..." The solution to this problem is to use our Mid Call Transfer service, this will enable you to easily transfer your inbound calls to anywhere in the world, saving your caller having to re-dial another number. Creating the right impression and providing great customer service is crucial at all times, by using our Mid Call Transfer service you will ensure that your callers are dealt with in a professional and courteous manner.

  • Fax to Email Service

    How does it Work? Our System will automatically detect an incoming Fax to your Number, then converts the Fax to an Image (TIFF-format) and Emails the Image to your chosen Email address. This means you are able to receive Faxes from anywhere that you can access your Email account and then Save, Forward, Print or Delete your Faxes as you would your Emails.

  • Call Statistics

    Call Statistics are Invaluable to many Businesses as they can Measure the Effectiveness of an Advertising or Marketing Campaign, Identify the Peak Times for Inbound Calls and Accurately Assess their Inbound Telecom requirements. By using The" IVR5 Call Statistics" you will be able to View and Download Detailed Call Statistics and Reports for your Numbers.